Painting The Steps, How Are We Doing?



This is a rough draft painting of the design for the top set of steps. The grey areas represent the actual steps that do NOT need to be painted.

I wanted to initially paint the Whitleigh coat of Arms but could not find a suitable reference photo.

The children’s designs for the remaining 2 sets of steps will be of flowers and nature.


March 2014

We now have permission from PCC to paint the steps at Whitleigh Green.

April 2014
The paint has very kindly been donated by Councillor Drean who has also done a lot of the leg work involving permissions from the correct departments at PCC. Thank you Mr Drean!  

The local school children, along with their lovely teachers, came along to measure the steps on April 24th 2014.  We can now work out how much paint we need so, thank you to all of the children and the teachers!  Photos to follow soon.

May 2014

The draft painting for one of the Whitleigh Green Steps is complete. Next, for the children to design the remaining 2 sets of steps.  Photo to follow soon.


Consultation with PCC at the end of May 2014 to present the plan and sketches of the steps. We are nearly there!


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