Did you know….there are less than 80 outdoor public painted steps in the world?

We will be painting the steps everyday on Whitleigh Green, weather permitting, from 9 a.m. Monday 21st July until it is completed, hopefully by Friday 25th July 2014. 

Keep checking here for the July dates and times, this is in the case of wet weather holding up our work. 

If children are coming along to help I will be taking lots of photos of the progress of the steps painting work, so parents & guardians, please may I have your kind permissions before the work starts on this very important project as publicity and the media will be covering this project.  

All children must have written parental permissions to paint the steps if they under 12 years of age.

Safety glasses, children’s aprons and plastic gloves will be provided for the children. 

Old clothing and shoes must be worn.

Long hair must be tied back.

No responsibility can be accepted for any damage to clothing or injury by Whitleigh Arts, The Whitleigh Big Local or Plymouth City Council. Thank you!

Here is the main design!


I have been working hard searching for inspirational photos of painted steps around the world and also Ideas for Whitleigh Woods, Green Spaces and Children’s Play areas. You can see the photos here on Pinterest at Your ideas and photos are more than welcome. Send them to me at and I will post them on our FaceBook page at

3298638_orig As you can see, we do not have to paint the top runners, just the insteps. It is your choice! Where are steps? The initial plan is to paint the steps between the Whitleigh Green Fish N’ Chip Shop and the Co-op. If this is successful then hopefully other nominated steps in the area could be painted too. The steps are to the right of the Co-op. The steps need to be measured and photographed. There are two sets of 9 steps each here. 6336659279829 Searching for the right paint Health and Safety Issues The paint has to be non-slip People with disabilities and partially sighted people need to feel safe The paint has to be durable Hand rails need to be slightly adjusted for partially sighted people. The Sensory Trust, St Austell, have many factsheets & booklets. Outdoor access guidance…. QMS Ltd School Playground Markings There are some fabulous ideas here. Maybe to brighten up the pavements outside our shops? 4658053 Designing for People with Partial Sight and Color Deficiencies Many thanks to Ray Glasson for these very helpful links. Partial sight, aging and congenital color deficits all produce changes in perception that reduce the visual effectiveness of certain color combinations. Two colors that contrast sharply to someone with normal vision may be far less distinguishable to someone with a visual disorder. It is important to appreciate that it is the contrast of colors one against another that makes them more or less discernible rather than the individual colors themselves. Here are three simple rules for making effective color choices: The hazards normally sight people see can be a very real danger to the visually impaired. Around the home, at work or even playing in the park can become a nightmare for those around us who are partially sighted. Step edges for example can be very difficult to judge. However with the fitting of high viz step nosings this problem is easily overcome. Not only does this nosing give great step edge definition but it is also Anti-Slip. Making Text Legible For The Partially Sighted Plymouth Actionnaires, Action For Blind People Our Actionnaires clubs offer a range of activities and ensure children can take part regardless of their vision. vision. The Partially Sighted Society Equipment needed For The Project Brushes Aprons Kneeling Pads Old Clothing Solar Lighting Warning Signs/Cones Insurance Cover Volunteers A sunny day or two!


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