The Whitleigh Words Writing Contest Winners & Entrants

The Whitleigh Words Festival Writing Contest Winners & Entrants

Thank you and well done to everyone who entered the Whitleigh Writing Contest 2015.

I wanted to run this contest because I believe that for some people it is their only way to express their thoughts and feelings. My hope was to have entries from those who were also not great with grammar and spelling, happily, that is what I got from some entrants and their writings were full of depth and feelings. That is what writing is all about, not being judged on your ability to write or the standard of a person’s education and not being afraid to express yourself! Writing from your heart and soul is the always the best way forward.

Below you will be able to read the nine winning poems, songs and stories. 


1st Jack Horne – Carol Concert

Carol Concert

2nd Ruth Muttlebury – Acrostic Sonnet For Whitleigh

Sonnet For Whitleigh0002

3rd Ray Glasson – Our Home

Our Home


1st Trudy Ruth Roden – Julia’s Wish

Julias Wish

2nd Carol Ager – Memories Of Whitleigh

Memories Of Whitleigh

3rd Jack Horne – Vampire Rendezvous

Vampire Rendevous


1st Mike Tracey – Life Of Firsts

Life Of Firsts

2nd Stuart Dann – Keep Shining Bright

Keep Shining Bright

3rd Judith Thompson – My Family

My Family0002



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