Treasure Hunt Clues Photos


P1000316 Clue 1 is here on Whitleigh Green! If the clue has gone missing use the spoilers to help you on your way here!

P1000309 Clue 4 is here at Aylesbury Crescent Park. The children keep burying the clue! Here is the spoiler clue here!

P1000310 Clue 5 is here at Norwich Avenue Shops. Clue 5 keeps going missing and has been replaced several times. If you cannot find it you will find the clue question in this link

P1000314 Clue 2 is here at Whitleigh Bridge. This clue has also disappeared several times. The clue should be in a tree near the road. Find help with the spoiler here!

P1000306Clue 6 is here at the Old Playground at Lancaster Gardens.

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