The Whitleigh Words Festival 2015 Photos

The Whitleigh Words Festival 2015 Photos

Below are the photos taken on the Launch Date 21st March 2015



Sign up for Free Workshops run by our best local Authors and Musicians.

P1000111 P1000112

Tom Buckley from Whitleigh Edibles & Paula Day from Whitleigh Music putting out the posters and bunting.
Whitleigh Edibles:

Paula Day:

P1000113 P1000114

Mel Rawles & Melinda very kindly came along from Plymouth City Council
Central and North Prospect Library. Thank you ladies.


Star Drew and her son Harley very kindly came along to help organise and run the Words Crafts table. Thank you for all your help!
Star Drew runs her own Whitleigh Crafts Group.


Books for swapping

P1000117 P1000118

Caroline Adams ‘Feel Better With A Book’ bought along some lovely little suprise poems. Thank you Caroline.


A very small selection of my own Word Art.



Mike Fullerton, Author & Musician. Thank you to Mike for all of your support. Next time we WILL find the time to put you in the spotlight!



Angie White’s Memory Books.
Angie is a Whitleigh resident. Her wonderful book sculptures went down a storm. What an amazing talent!



Nicola Bonner of Painty Faces kindly came along to paint kiddies faces. Lovely work Nicola. Thank you!
Contact: 07977 129582



Gemma Grenney from Usborne Books. A gorgeous selection of children’s books! Thank you very much for coming along Gemma.


P1000125 P1000126 P1000127

The Plymouth Ukulele Players came by to entertain us. Thank you guys, you were awesome!



P1000129 P1000130 P1000131

Plymouth’s Poet Laureate, Michael Sullivan read us some of his wonderful work. An extremely entertaining gentleman! Thank you kind sir for coming along. You were fab!

Book a FREE fun workshop with Michael Sullivan on Saturday April 11th at St Chads Church hall. 12pm – 2pm in this link:

Michael Sullivan’s website:


P1000133 P1000134


Plymouth’s Poet Laureate, Michael Sullivan signing his books. An extremely entertaining gentleman! Thank you kind sir for coming along. You were fab!
Book a FREE fun workshop with Michael Sullivan on Saturday April 11th at St Chads Church hall. 12pm – 2pm in this link:
Michael Sullivan’s website:

P1000137 P1000138 P1000139


Below…..Photos of the Whitleigh Words Festival on Saturday 11th April with Michael Sullivan, Plymouth’s Poet Laureate.

Michael Sullivan Writing Contest P1000174

Oooh! Which free book shall I take?

P1000175 P1000175-001

Thank you to Star Drew and Harley for helping out today especially as you were both not feeling well. That is dedication  🙂 xxx

P1000176 P1000177

Ray Glasson, writer/poet. Pick a number out of the bag and Ray will read the poem to you. Great idea Ray!


Ray Glasson launched his new Whitleigh Writers group today.
Contact Ray if you would like to join this group which will meet at Bethany Evangelical Church, Budshead Road, opposite Whitleigh Green. 



Thank you to Memory Books. You are a very talented lady. I really enjoyed the chance to chat with you today!


My book, signed by me, £16.50p reduced from £19.50p.
Humorous Hand made signs from £3.50p each. Made to order.

P1000181 P1000182

Free refreshments and biscuits for all!



I placed free books around Whitleigh Green and this gentleman picked one up.


I tried to catch a good photo of him but he was quicker than me!


Ah, got him! Thank you kind sir 🙂


This is the packed out Whitleigh Green at 1pm



Saturday 1pm on Whitleigh Green. As you an see, people were getting crushed in the rush to get to the Whitleigh Words Festival! ♥


Ray Glassons’s new Writing group starts on Tuesday 5th May 2015. Contact Ray at


Saturday 25th April I held the St Georges Day/Whitleigh Words Festival Event

See the photos HERE!


Saturday 2nd May 2015

The Whitleigh Words Festival workshop with Author Terri Nixon

Terri Nixon


Star Drew passing the time making another blanket


Authors Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson with their wonderful collection,

The Lazuli Portals

Contact: Ron Dickerson

P1000237 P1000238


Ray Glasson chatting to a very interested visitor.


Author Terri Nixon running her writing workshop


 Time Bank Volunteers in the kitchen 


Saturday 9th May 2015

Whitleigh Poetry Walk with Author Ruth Snell

Book up for Ruth’s next workshop 4th July HERE!

Poetry Walk


44 Free books containing promotional leaflets for today’s Poetry Walk with Ruth Snell and leaflets for Jane Anderson-Brown’s music writing workshop on Saturday 6th June 2015

P1000249 P1000251

Hiding the free books around Whitleigh Green. All of the books were found and claimed!


Thank you so much to these lovely Whitleigh Time Bank Volunteers for hiding the books and handing out leaflets.


Ah ha! This gentleman has just found a free book. He is grinning from cheek to cheek! He said it is a fantastic way to get him reading again! 

All photos above were taken by Sandy Wager

10390544_10152944651938985_3541968174520627694_n 10985221_10152944651853985_6450359691362172058_n

The wonderful Author Ruth Snell showing me old pictures of Whitleigh. Sadly, not one person turned up for the Poetry Walk even though the weather was on our side. We had a great catch up though! Thank you Ruth, you are a star!

The two photos above were taken by Ron Andrews, a Whitleigh Photographer and a Time Bank Volunteer. Thank you Ron!


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