Whitleigh Poetry Walk with Ruth Snell – Whitleigh Words Festival 2015

Whitleigh Words Poetry Walk with Ruth Snell 

Saturday 9th May 2015

Starts at 11.45am at The Albemarle Inn, Budshead Road.

A little about Ruth Snell 

Ruth was born in Devonport in 1963, the daughter of a Ships Welder and a Nurse. Her father’s family have been in the Plymouth area for generations; her grandmother was born in Portland Square in 1892 and her great-grandparents were living there in the 1880s.

After World War Two, Ruth’s grandmother lived in Lancaster Gardens Whitleigh following several years in a Crownhill prefab. Educated at Burrington Secondary Modern School (where she had a wonderful time), Ruth joined the Civil Service on leaving school and is still employed with the Ministry of Defence to this day.

Married to a farmer in 1987, Ruth lived in Cornwall on a remote farm where the only
water supply was from a well in the orchard. It made her realize the strength of our ancestors while at the same time, serving as a remarkable introduction to the powers of nature.

When back in Plymouth, Ruth studied for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Classics (Greek and Latin with Literature) along with Law. From 2010-2012, she was President of Plymouth Proprietary Library – Plymouth’s oldest library established in 1810 – and started a Writer’s Group.

Creative Writing is something she has always been involved in but progress remains steady due to the full time job.
In 2014 she published Inspeximus: Poetry from the Manors of The Roborough Hundred; a collection of poetry blended with local history which looks at the Plymouth area during Domesday.
Ruth is often known by her married name of Ruth Muttlebury.


DATE 4 JULY 2015

(If the weather is bad on 4th July, the Poetry Walk will take place on Saturday 1st August 2015) 

11:45 Arrive at the Albermarle Inn.

12:00 Introductions with everyone.

*Can everyone bring pen and paper – plus any photos of Whitleigh that they would like to work with.  The photos will be important if the weather turns bad and we need to stay inside.  Everyone should come dressed for all weathers and in practical footwear.

12:15 Walk away from the Albermarle and take in the view in all directions – north, south, east and west.  As we walk along we will be closely observing whatever we see by way of shape, structure, colour, noises, textures – even people and pets.  We will look at the more famous poets and analyse their work.  *During the walk if anyone wants to read out a poem – preferably related to home or scenery they are welcome.  People are welcome to bring poems they have already written – but not essential.

Weather and time will dictate how far we go but the opportunity to get into the Woodlands would be good – that said – we don’t have long so this is where photos will help.

13:00 Return to the Albermarle with recorded information/notes from the walk.  Everyone will then be encouraged to ‘sculpt’ a poem from their observations.  *Ruth will bring a handout to help people in poetry compilation. (At this point we can indulge in the tea/coffee kindly arranged by Sandy!)

13:30 Everyone then reads out what they have written.  At this stage the perfect poem is not expected – this is merely the earliest draft!  Reading aloud to people you maybe don’t know can make you nervous but please understand everyone feels like this.  Confidentiality is always recommended in groups where strangers may mix.

14:00 The afternoon finishes.  If people want to go away and write up their poems until they are satisfied with them – they can then send them through and a display can be arranged in Whitleigh (venue of display to be recommended by Sandy but the Albermarle will be fine by me).


Check List

  1. Ruth will carry out a Risk Assessment and forward to Sandy a month in advance of the event.  This is to clarify any hazards i.e. busy roads, flooded areas, road/industrial works etc.
  2. If anyone is disabled they are welcome to come as we will try not to walk too far and stick to main routes where possible.
  3. *Everyone needs to bring pen and paper – plus if they have any photos of the Whitleigh area they like – new or old – that will be welcome and serves to assist in bad weather.
  4. *Wear practical clothing and footwear.
  5. *Poems are welcome and can be read out on the walk.  Poetry relating to scenery can be useful in helping give an image to a new writer.  However – not essential.
  6. *Handout on poetry compilation will be provided by Ruth.

To book your FREE place for the Whitleigh Poetry Walk please phone PCC on 01752 306521 or email artbysandywager@gmail.com or sign up for your free place at St Chads Church Hall, Saturday 21st March 2015, 12pm – 4pm.

All Plymouth Residents are invited to this event.


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Bus 44 leaves Royal Parade opposite the Guildhall. The bus stops at Whitleigh Green. See Plymouth Citybus Timetables HERE!

See the Whitleigh map HERE!

Kindly funded by Vital Sparks

Also supported by PCC, PCH, Whitleigh Big Local, The Albemarle Inn, Porkies Cafe, Plymouth City Central Library


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