Free Art Friday has now come to Whitleigh! Finders keepers!
I will give you all a clue of where it is hidden with a photo in Whitleigh every Friday. Spread the word, let’s see if we can get other Whitleigh artist’s involved.
I first noticed this project happening on the Isle of Wight and it has now spread to Plymouth and the rest of the world. See the Plymouth Free Art Friday group and the rules on FaceBook HERE!
If you are the lucky finder of a piece of FREE art please take a selfie holding your Free art and either email me your photo to or share your photo on our Whitleigh Arts page on FaceBook HERE.
If you would like to place your own Free Art around Whitleigh please let me know and send me a photo of your Free Art so that I can let everyone know what they are looking for.
Please keep and place your Free Art in a clear bag to keep it dry and protected. It can be anything arty of any size, poetry, 3D art, embroidery, etc.
Do not forget to add a note to your Free Art (See 1st photo below). And, don’t forget to sign your artwork.
The note should read something like this:-
Free Art Friday. If you find this FREE art it is yours to keep! All I ask is that you take a selfie holding your free art and email me the photo to ????@???  This is a project by
Thankyou and enjoy your free art!
The next Whitleigh Free Art Friday will be on Friday 28th November 2014.
Free Art Friday also on Friday 12th December 2014.
Here are the two FREE pieces of art that will be dropped in Whitleigh on 28th November.
1235987_576603742402708_396098671_n 10411762_821762904553456_8239685933789860181_n
DSCF0644 DSCF0647
Photos above…..FREE ART FRIDAY WORLDWIDE Friday 28th November 2014
I have dropped two pieces of art  in Whitleigh. One is a Christmas Tree Decoration. Made from clay and found items. Approx 2″ X 2″ decorated on both sides.
The other is a Balsa wood stumpy cross,old wooden beads and fabric flowers.Ready to hang.
Approx 6″ High x 7″ Wide.
One of a kind.
Who will them???????

The photo above is of the art drop in Whitleigh on the 14th November. This is a hand made Christmas hanger.
FREE Art Friday
This was dropped near Whitleigh Green’s Chemist!
Sorry there is no photo of the place I have dropped this, my camera is not working.
All photos will be added here.
Have fun!
To see what Whitleigh Arts have dropped with photos and clues scroll down this page.
1375700_606787149384367_2036156498_n DSCF0563DSCF0566DSCF0567
Photo’s aboveThis is a hand painted greetings card in a frame. I have signed it on the back of the card. This has been dropped by the steps on Budshead Road, Whitleigh (17/10/14) at midday. I would like this to be found and not left in the rain all day.

This greetings card above was dropped some where on Whitleigh Green at 11.30am on Friday 15th August 2014. Find it and it is yours to keep! This has still not been claimed 😦


IMAG0001 IMAG0005 1470210_649282185122887_1672678052_n10656478_10152420010134751_499679580_n

Photos above
Dropped off on a bench somewhere by Whitleigh Green at 11.20am 22/08/14
Miniature Clay Cake Found by Shai Sutherland in Whitleigh on Friday 22nd August, Permissions by his Mum Victoria. Thank you for sending me this lovely photo!



Photo above….8″ X 12″ Watercolour was dropped at 11.40am in Whitleigh on 5th September 2014. Behind me is Budshead Road. Looking up is the road that leads to Sir John Hunt Schools

Found by Cindy Potter! Glad this has gone to a good home 🙂



10421535_771765216207916_3949058700231980373_n IMAG0002-001IMAG0002-00210703863_836467936383849_8169436931919792935_n

Photos Above…. Free Art Friday
This was my drop in Whitleigh on Friday 12/09/2014. Found by Mason who has proudly hung it on his wall. Thank you Mason 🙂
‘Dancing, Women Who Fight Cancer’. 14″ X 10″ Acrylics applique on paper. #3 in the series of 5.



Photo above….Free Art Friday

This painting was hidden at  Whitleigh Bridge on Friday 19th September 2014.
‘Lilac Nights’ 16″ X 12″ Acrylics on board. It has still not been claimed 😦

+.*._/\_ .*. * . + ” ¸. * . * . * . +* . + . * ” ¸. . . * . * . + . * .* . + . * ” ¸. . . * . * . + . * .* . + . * ” ¸. . .

FLOOD the streets with FREE ART! 

28 November 2014

THE ENTIRE PLANET EARTH including Whitleigh!

Can we get everyone involved, schools as well? I hope so 🙂



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