Painting The Steps – How Are We Doing?

20th June 2014

D-Day – The Meeting with PCC

Myself (Sandy Wager), Councillor Drean and Debbie Burton met up with PCC to discuss the plans for the steps. I took along my design and explained that throughout the world there are less than 80 art steps designed and when we have painted all of the steps throughout Whitleigh we will be the only ‘Village’ in the world to have done so. This of course will create a lot of publicity, especially in the art world.


This is the official result and announcement of how the meeting went………

Hi all, we had a meeting with the Head of PCC Corporate Property this morning (Sandy, Cllr Drean and myself) and they have agreed (and in fact they think it is a superb initiative) to paint the steps on Whitleigh Green.


So, it is all hands on deck now to support Sandy, and her team of Artists and Whitleigh Primary children, to deliver this project during this summer – as a pilot; if it works, Corporate Property will be keen to enable the rest of the interconnecting walkway steps to be painted (which is part of the Plan). So..


  • Suggested dates for school children to get involved have been ‘pencilled’ in with Maggie – 21st and 22nd July.
  • The steps will be repaired next week  (Thursday or Friday 27th June 2014)
  • The steps will need to be white washed prepared for art before the dates above
  • All volunteers who help with the painting will be provided with refreshments on the day
  • Cllr Drean is funding the repair work and the paint from a Community Grant
  • We need to purchase Masonry paint – Maggie can you help with this?
  • We (PCC – NRT) will be risk assessing and will be responsible for the ‘event’


It’s going to be exciting to see Big Local making a difference – well done Sandy, Maggie and everyone else!

Debbie Burton

Neighbourhood Manager
Homes & Communities
Plymouth City Council
Civic Centre




The view from the 13th floor of the Civic Centre.


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