Welcome To Whitleigh Arts



Welcome to Whitleigh Arts!
Whitleigh Arts are a sub group of The Whitleigh Big Local.

A group for Whitleigh and other local Plymouth, UK Artist’s. This group has been set up as a sub group of The Whitleigh Big Local.

This project has been set up by Sandy Wager, a local, self taught, Whitleigh Artist. You can visit Sandy’s website here at http://artbysandywagercom.weebly.com

We all know a friend or neighbour who is a fantastic artist but that friend or neighbour does not know how to get their art out there!….they may be shy, or very likely, underestimate their talent or simply cannot afford the expense of framing their artworks for shows and exhibitions. Frames cost a fortune, especially exhibition frames and this is the main reason I have been prevented from exhibiting my work more than I presently have. Trying to get a gallery to show your work is a nightmare and some do not want to risk showing work by a new artist, and also, most artist’s are poorly paid or cannot afford to advertise and promote their work to the general public.  I also think that most artist’s know that most people think we do not have a proper job!
In a short sentence, Artist’s get a real bad deal!  This has to change!   Blimey, we could become the Whitleigh Artist’s Revolutionary Squad! (WARS) 🙂

All Whitleigh and other Plymouth artists and supporters are welcome here. That includes Photographers, Film makers, Writers, Poets, Textilers, Crafters, Greetings Card Makers, Musicians, Singers, Actors, Sculptors, Ceramicists, Potters, Graphic Artists, etc,…….

You can also find us on our own FaceBook page (Whitleigh Arts) at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/760720490622697/?bookmark_t=group

It is fantastic that we residents in Whitleigh have one million pounds to spend on things that will help improve our area and our lifestyles but we also have to think about ways of making this money work. Each project needs to make some money in order to help with the running costs. (A raffle or tombolla won’t do on it’s own!).  We need other ideas too and art supply donations will go a long way to helping us out. As an example, I have a guitar amplifier that I want to donate. If other people want to donate something we will need a place to store these things until we have our own venue so, if anyone has some spare storage room they could kindly let us use then please let us know.
If we had our own community centre, we would need to pay for the running costs year after year. We need your ideas on how we can make Whitleigh successful and self sufficient.  If you have any ideas and would like to get involved please use the forums at the bottom of this page or use our contact page.
(There are other sub groups within The Whitleigh Big Local that are not art related).


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