Explaining ACEO Art Cards

ART CARD, EDITIONS, AND ORIGINALS (ACEO’S) are gaining popularity with a huge and new following of collectors across the world.

They really are Little Pieces Of Art!



This ACEO is called ‘Crazy Paving’ by Sandy Wager.
These are the little pieces of puffy plastic that are found in the middle of those sticky back plastic letters and numbers that are used as embellishments for greeting cards.1510416_645632472166501_764418050_n

This is a relatively new art form which was developed in 1996 by a Swiss Artist.
ATC’s are typically made from card stock, but can be made of any material, including fabric, metal, plastic, wood, canvas, watercolor paper, playing cards and other materials. They can be painted, sewn, embellished with buttons, shells and other small items, collaged, drawn, rubberstamped, etc. The possibilities for how to create these are endless!


‘One Tree’ Art Card. Acrylic paint. By Sandy wager


ACEO’s are all miniature works of art. All cards must measure 2. 1/2″  X  3. 1/2″.


“Elephant With Blue Bird” by Sandy Wager
Glitter & Metallic Pens





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