Posting your Art

Posting your Art

Here is a list of parcel couriers and packaging companies. Prices will change occassionally.



I have read many complaints about Myhermes so try to stay away from this one unless you know different and have had a good service from them then please let me know.



Royal Mail

Get a FREE parcel template here



City Link               (Postal and collection)



Parcel Monkey     (Postal)



Storm Trading      (Packaging)



White Rose Packaging     (Packaging)



Parcel To Go    (Postal)

starting from £2.50p



DefendaPack      (Packaging)



Stiffy Bag    (Packaging)




Send packets up to 1.5kg. Fully tracked. From £2.60p

Send parcels up to 30kg. Fully tracked. From £4.36p




For large parcels.




Parcel Pete

From £ 3.49p +VAT for small parcels


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