103 Blogging Topics For Artist’s To Write About

103 Blogging Topics for Artists to Write About

103 Blogging Topics for Artists to Write About by Graham Matthews


  • Artists you admire, and why.
  • A recent painting, drawing, sculpture, etc. you are working on.
  • Why you decided to become an artist.
  • Topics about your art creation process.
  • Lessons you have learned as an artist.
  • Tips on art promotion.
  • How you choose your painting palette.
  • A slideshow of your art.
  • Drawings from your sketchbook.
  • Explain the inspiration or meaning behind artworks.
  • Write about a historical artist you admire (Van Gogh, Rembrandt, etc.).
  • Write opinions about a post you saw on another art blog.
  • Highlight contemporary artists you admire.
  • Interview artists for spotlights.
  • Mention an art competition you are taking part in, or just want to recommend to other artists.
  • Give your own opinions of “What is true art?”
  • Self-critique one of your own artworks.
  • Write a critique of another artist’s work.
  • Talk about some of your favorite art blogs.
  • Write about painting and drawing techniques.
  • Blog your favorite artist quotes.
  • Quotes that inspire you.
  • Tips on using your sketchbook.
  • Explain different art movements, such as impressionism and post-modernism.
  • Speak about an art show you are part of, past or upcoming.
  • Blog about your art being published in a newspaper or magazine.
  • How do you explain your art to others?
  • How you come up with your ideas for paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture, etc.
  • Favorite social networks to promote your art, such as Facebook, Google+, and Linkedin.
  • A movie or television show that inspires you.
  • Current events in the news that you feel strongly about.
  • Tips on finding an art gallery.
  • Places you have travelled or would like to visit someday.
  • Your favorite art supply websites and stores.
  • What are your preferred art tools?
  • Speak about art fairs you are planning on participating in, or ones from the past, and how you setup your art fair display booth.
  • A funny story or joke to lighten the mood.
  • Your goals and aspirations for the future.
  • Memories from art school.
  • Post your biography and artist statement.
  • How to create a portfolio, and write about your own portfolio.
  • Would you recommend art school to aspiring artists?
  • How do you sign your art?
  • Blog about a book you read, or are reading.
  • Talk about an art technique you invented.
  • Write a post about your favorite pet.
  • Topics about your family history.
  • Take a poll of your art blog readers.
  • How do you handle criticism?
  • Ask an artist friend to do a guest post in exchange for guest-posting at his/her blog.
  • Write about the place where you grew up.
  • Topics about memorable childhood experiences.
  • Do a review of a favorite book.
  • Post your art resume.
  • Do you prefer to paint from life, or from reference photographs?
  • How has life and nature inspired your art?
  • What ways do you save money on art supplies?
  • If you have a job outside of art, talk about the place where you work.
  • Write about current art news.
  • Give lessons in drawing and paintingtechniques and procedures.
  • Your favorite art galleries and museums.
  • Is there such a thing as “selling out”, and what is your opinion of artists who sell out?
  • An art exhibition you recently visited.
  • What role does art have in society?
  • Share tips on how to frame art.
  • How you organize your studio (or how much your studio is disorganized).
  • How do you decide on prices for your artworks?
  • Favorite art videos from Youtube.
  • Create a video showing your technique, studio tour, etc.
  • How do you cope with artist block?
  • How can people buy your art?
  • Share advice for emerging and aspiring artists.
  • Talk about an artist support group you belong to.
  • Blog about art clubs and organizations which you are a member.
  • What art classes have you taken?
  • Have you donated art to charity? Share tips on how it helps with art promotion.
  • What are your feelings on art therapy? Has your art been therapeutic?
  • If you sell art online, share tips on how others can.
  • What online art galleries are you a member of? Write reviews of each one.
  • How do you choose a title for your artwork?
  • How do you balance studio time with work, social life, recreation, etc.
  • Talk about the music you play in the background while painting.
  • What do you prefer: painting outdoors (plein air) or in your studio?
  • Display and write about the progression of a painting.
  • Do you make art prints and how can they be purchased?
  • Topics about art awards, art competitions, and art contests that you won.
  • Do you collect the art of other artists, or trade art?
  • Tips on processes such as stretching canvases and packaging art for shipment.
  • How often do you create art?
  • Time management tips for artists.
  • Topic about creating a series of paintings, and its advantages.
  • Daily painters topic. Try doing a small painting every day for a period of time and posting about it.
  • Write your opinion of controversial art and artists.
  • Painting, safety, and health hazards. How to make your studio safe.
  • Photoshop tutorials for artists.
  • Write about preparing art for a gallery show.
  • What motivates you to keep creating even when not selling?
  • Collaboration with other artists.
  • Creating an email list and artist contacts, andartist newsletter.
  • How to write about art.
  • Write articles about your artist website, how you created it, and recent updates.
  • Your favorite online photo sharing sites, such as Flickr and Picasa.
  • Topics on how to create an art blog.

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